Camp Logos is a Wise Investment

For over 17 years I’ve had the privilege of training users to better use Logos Bible Software through live seminars called Camp Logos. I’m often asked if it’s worth the investment of time and money to attend. As objectively as possible I’d like to answer that question. Yes, I believe Camp Logos is an investment […]

All Resources vs Everything Search

As you well know, arguably the most impressive feature in Logos is the powerful search and retrieval system. Almost instantly we can find practically anything in the Library. You may have noticed when you open the Search panel and set the search type to Basic (A), you can select from the resources to search drop […]

Hide the Hash Marks in the Scrolling Area

A fellow Logos user recently sent me this inquiry: As I’m navigating through resources, I notice hash marks in the scroll bar area. What are they? Can I hide them? Officially, they’re called Auto Bookmarks and, yes, they may be hidden. Think of the Auto Bookmarks as the “dog ears” we make on pages in […]

Copy Highlighted Text to a Word Document

A very common question I’m asked is exemplified in this recent email inquiry from a Logos user: Is there a way to copy and paste the biblical text into a Word document and maintain the highlights I’ve added? Excellent question! The short answer is this: some highlights easily copy / paste while others do not. […]