Display Parallel Passages from the Gospels

I remember years ago preparing a sermon on Jesus’ Gethsemane prayer. During my study, I discovered all four gospel writers spoke of this event. Since, at the time, I didn’t own a harmony of the gospels (a book presenting in parallel columns the same event from various gospels) here’s what I did. I started off […]

Instantly Create Professional Slides

Years ago in a Christian education class in college my professor commented, If overhead projectors were available during the time of Christ, he would have used one. His point being, Jesus incorporated visuals in His teaching. Think about just a few examples: Consider the lilies of the field -Matthew 6:28 Show me a denarius. Whose […]

Locate Verses for a Character Study

A character study is a very rewarding type of Bible study. A character study is finding all mentions of a person in the Bible and then examining the characteristics of his or her life. The challenge to this method of research is locating all biblical references to a person! That challenge just got easier with […]

Search the Atlas

Knowing the geographical context in which a biblical event took place can certainly aid our interpretation. For example: What’s the significance of the phrase he had to pass through Samaria in John 4:6? Does the location of Laodicea impact Jesus’ description of the church as lukewarm in Revelation 3:16? To assist us in discovering the […]