Logos 6 is here! Inline Searching

Logos 6 is here! That’s right, a new version of Logos just released and it’s loaded with new features and enhancements. Please don’t panic though. What you know about Logos 5 continues with you to Logos 6, but you’ll be impressed with the new functionality of Logos 6. For example, you can now execute searches […]

Attach Notes to Headwords

Last week’s blog about adding notes to verses generated some questions and comments, so I’m following up with a similar discussion about adding notes to headwords. I’ll introduce the subject with a personal story. I remember years ago when I first started studying Scripture, every topic was brand new to me. As I studied passages, […]

Attach Notes to Verses

I recently received a question that I answer frequently so I want to address it again. The question from the Logos user was basically this: My understanding is when I create a note for a verse, the note indicator is to appear next to that verse in all of my Bibles. However, I’m only seeing […]