Ellipsis in the Reverse Interlinear

A friend and fellow Logos user recently emailed me the following scenario in which he basically said: I came to John 1:34 in my study of the subject of election. As I looked at the verse in the NASB reverse interlinear, I noticed a dot (bullet) between the words “the” and “son”. What does that […]

Exploring Lemmas with the Same Root

A Logos user recently presented this question to me: I’ve noticed Logos includes the root words for Greek lemmas in English Bibles with the reverse interlinear. How might these root words be used in actual Bible study? Excellent question! While this blog will certainly not exhaust all that could be said, hopefully a few insights […]

Reorder Books in a Collection

In a recent blog about displaying a verse from all Bibles, I suggested creating a collection of English Bibles. This suggestion in turn generated some discussion about the order of books in a collection. If you’ve created a collection from the Tools menu, you’ve noticed that Logos alphabetizes the resources in a collection. To illustrate […]

Locate Words and Phrases in Proximity to One Another

In addition to coaching people in the use of Logos Bible Software, one of my greatest joys is encouraging biblical communicators toward true expository preaching. Exposing the original intent of a Scriptural passage along with contemporary application is a powerful combination! Toward that end, a Logos user recently asked me how he could search his […]