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Quickly Open a Lexicon from an English Bible

I jokingly tell participants at Camp Logos that Logos Bible Software will do everything, but wash your dishes! It really is that powerful. From building a Passage Guide report to searching the Library for a concept to in depth original language work, Logos is here to help. What if, however, you don’t need all that […]


Corresponding Notes

Within Logos is a Notes document allowing us to accumulate our research for a topic, passage, sermon, etc. in one location?  Within this document, we create various types of individual notes such as: User-created notes Notes attached to verses Notes attached to selected text For years if we attached a note to a verse, that […]


Multiple Resources

As you probably well know, Logos 7 is here! So I hope you’re discovering and enjoying its many new features. Today I’ll highlight one that has been much anticipated by many Logos users: Multiple Resources. For years within the software we’ve been able to link panels so that they scroll together. For example, we can […]