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“Save” Bible Browser Results

If you read this blog regularly you may know that I am a huge fan of the Bible Browser! This feature, found on the Tools menu, houses a sidebar loaded with point and click filters allowing us to find most any information in the Bible imaginable: Commands of Jesus about faith Miracles of Elijah involving […]

Quickly See One Passage in Many Bibles

A Logos user recently asked this question: Is there’s a way to see one passage from multiple Bibles at the same time? Actually there are several ways to accomplish this task, but I’ll focus on Power Lookup in this blog: Open a Bible to the passage you’re studying such as Deuteronomy 32.8-9 (A) Select (highlight) […]

Lexicon Outline Formatting

Digital resources offer many advantages over their print counterparts: portability, accessibility, exportability to name a few. Another rather obvious plus is, electronic resources use no paper! With print books publishers have to concern themselves with page count. Thus, in attempt to conserve space, information may be crammed on a page making the reading more challenging. […]