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Instant Bible Cross References

A very popular way of studying the Bible is through cross references. Perhaps you enjoy reading a passage and then tracking down verses somehow related to your passage. If so, this blog is for you! I want show you a little trick that will produce instant cross references for your passage: Choose Guides | Bible […]

Access Pericopes from the Go Box

The recently released Logos 8.4 contains numerous tweaks providing enhancements designed hopefully to make our Bible study a little more powerful or enjoyable. One such change is: with the simple addition of the word “study” in the Go box we can access pericopes (sections in the Bible). Try this: Type John 1:1 in the Go […]

Bookmark the Passage You’re Studying

I recently received the following scenario from a fellow Logos user: Normally I study passages so I open my preferred Bible to a specific text to exegete. Inevitably during my research I leave the passage to look up cross references. Is there a quick way to return to the passage I’m studying without retyping the […]