Reopen Last Closed Tab

With the recent release of Logos 7.8 you’ll discover a small, but very useful feature that numerous people have requested: reopen the last closed tab!

Imagine you accidentally closed a resource, Guide, Factbook, or even a Search panel. You can now quickly and easily reopen it. As we say in the sports world, no harm, no foul.

Here’s all you have to do:

  • After “accidentally” closing a panel, right click on the tab of a panel that’s still open (A)
  • Select Reopen closed tab (B)

You perhaps may say, There aren’t any open tabs to right click on. I closed them all! Then rely on the keyboard shortcut:

  • PC:   Ctrl  + Shift + T
  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + T

So with either method, you can quickly recover a closed tab without going to the global History found on the Tools menu.

For more detailed information about the tab system, please check out the Logos 7 Training Manuals Volumes 1-3 in print or digital.

You could also attend a live upcoming Camp Logos in Little Rock, AR or Tampa, FL for live hands-on training!

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