Find Verses Where Paul Addresses a Topic

Imagine we’re studying Philippians 1:27-30, where Paul mentions he may or may not visit the saints in Philippi. A logical question to ask during our reading of the text is: Did Paul ever mention uncertainty in visiting other cities or churches?

Executing a word search may not yield the answer because we can’t be certain of the specific words Paul used in his discussion. What we need is to locate a “topic”, not a word in Paul’s writings.

Fortunately for us included in the Full Feature Set and Logos Now membership is a Bible harmony of Paul’s writings, Parallel Passages in the Pauline Letters. The authors of this resource have organized from his epistles and words in Acts all Paul mentioned about 134 subjects!

There are several ways to access this harmony, but perhaps the easiest is from the Passage Guide. Try this:

  • Choose Guides | Passage Guide
  • Place a passage in the box such as Philippians 1:27-30 (A)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the report
  • Navigate to the section Parallel Passages which automatically searches all of the Bible harmonies in your Library for any mention of the passage under study (B)
  • Notice the harmony Parallel Passages in the Pauline Letters (C)
  • Click the section title or “topic” Delayed Travel (D)

  • Notice the resource opens right to the Delayed Travel section where you can easily see other Pauline passages discussing this subject (E)

I encourage you to display the table of contents in the resource (F) via its panel menu (G) so you can survey the 134 subjects even before you need them!

Hats off to the compilers of the harmony, Daniel Zacharias and Rick Brannan, who provided us with a very practical and helpful resource.

For more information about Bible harmonies please check out our Camp Logos Training Videos or attend a live upcoming Camp Logos in Little Rock, Tampa or El Paso for hands-on training!


One thought on “Find Verses Where Paul Addresses a Topic

  1. Very valuable resource when looking up topics that Paul spoke on. I know I go to 1 & 2 Timothy for guidance but what did he specifically address elsewhere. Nice tip!

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