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Camp Logos Inductive: Atlanta, GA 2018

April 23 - April 25

$20.00 – $299.00

Camp Logos Atlanta is:

  • Inductive
  • Available as a live webinar (you can join us live or the seminar will be posted online for a couple of weeks so you can watch at your convenience) 

Camp Logos Atlanta is inductive because we place a heavy emphasis on inductive Bible study or exegesis of a passage.

Rather than going through the software just feature by feature,  we discuss the features in the order we probably would use them for inductive Bible study.

In brief, inductive Bible study seeks to understand a biblical author’s original intended meaning of a passage by applying historical, grammatical, and literary principles of interpretation. We seek to expose the meaning of the text rather than impose a meaning on it.

Using the analogy of a jig saw puzzle, with the words of the text being individual pieces and the meaning of the text being the big picture, we analyze and arrange individual pieces to discover what the big picture looks like!

Traditionally we say there are 3 broad phases to inductive Bible study:

  • Observation
  • Interpretation
  • Application

For originality’s sake I suggest:

  • Read the Text
  • Knead the Text
  • Heed the Text

Regardless of the phraseology you prefer Camp Logos Atlanta will examine and arrange numerous Logos features to help us accomplish the first 2 phases:

  • Observation: Read the Text
  • Interpretation: Knead the Text

By the end of the third day, your Logos Bible Software will be arranged for effective exegesis and lesson prep.


The content of the seminar  will look something like this:

  • Part 1: Observation: Read the Text
    • Read the Book 
    • Read the Passage 
    • Library 
    • Resource Panels
    • Text Comparison
    • Corresponding Words
    • Morphology Visual Filter
    • Propositional Outlines 
  • Part 2: Interpretation: Knead the Text
    • Custom Guides
    • Inductive Bible Study Guide
    • Special Guide Sections 
    • Factbook 
    • Atlas
    • Bible Word Study
    • Layouts 
    • Inductive Bible Study Layout 
    • Home Page Layouts
    • Searching
    • Media
    • Sermon Editor

Live Webinar

If you can’t join us in Atlanta, you can register for a live streaming webinar. You can purchase the syllabus that will be used in the on-site camp via a link sent to you in the confirmation email. Several days before the seminar you’ll also receive a link so you can watch from the convenience of your home or office.


  • Day 1:
    • 8:00-8:30 Registration
    • 8:30-Noon Training
    • 12:00-1:00 Lunch
    • 1:00-4:30 Training
  • Day 2:
    • 8:30-Noon Training
    • 12:00-1:00 Lunch
    • 1:00-4:30 Training
  • Day 3:
    • 8:30-Noon Training


We recommend casual, comfortable attire.


Morris Proctor personally teaches every seminar. His gift of teaching and years of Bible study and teaching make the seminar one of the most practical and rewarding you’ll ever attend.


April 23
April 25
$20.00 – $299.00


Vision Baptist Church
355 Windy Hill Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30004 United States
+ Google Map
(770) 456-5881

Who's Attending

171 people are attending Camp Logos Inductive: Atlanta, GA 2018

  • William Condrey
  • Chester Easton
  • B Andrew King
  • john pavelko
  • Shannon Newsome
  • Rick Ivey
  • Scott Patterson
  • Leslianne Braunstein
  • Paul Ortlinghaus
  • Kevin Barke
  • Lonna Adkins
  • Keith Smith
  • John Fulton
  • john barnett
  • Joe Brown
  • Wayne Morgan
  • Brian Baber
  • Craig Canton
  • Amy Jones
  • Carla Shover
  • Abraham M Payton Jr
  • Brandon Clack
  • Jay Frantz
  • Debby Stanley
  • Steve Dusek
  • Ryan Follis
  • Shannon Mullins
  • Chris Pass
  • Michael Finch
  • Rick Koelz
  • Kevin Lucas
  • Jason Ledford
  • Tom Horn
  • Tony Metze
  • Andrew More
  • Greg Clark
  • Travis Allen
  • Kerry Ash
  • Paul Young
  • Gregory Carlson
  • William Massey
  • Ken Dillman
  • Shannon Martin
  • Karen Smith
  • David Mathews
  • Samuel Lamerson
  • Lane McKay
  • Bobby Wood
  • Jeffery Chan
  • Jason Scalzi
  • Bobby Gayton
  • Mecklenburg Baptist
  • Charles Dean
  • Richard Keane
  • TJ Brown
  • Jed Angell
  • Matthew Wissell
  • Austin Gardner
  • William Bieber
  • John Mark Patrick
  • William Gardner
  • Gary Chamblee
  • Mark Bryan
  • Mitchell Norwood
  • Michael Horibe
  • Beverly Dracos
  • Dorothy Peckman
  • James Burke
  • Hollis Rumble
  • John O'Maley
  • Ryan Goodroe
  • Jim Govatos
  • Matt Stewart
  • Mark Bowers
  • Doug Gregory
  • David Gardner
  • Joe Petrone
  • Joseph Allen
  • Daniel Nicholas
  • Blake West
  • Frank Jones
  • Pedro M Riveros Quezada
  • Sue Wood
  • Brian Kershaw
  • Earl Mason Sr
  • David Barkema
  • Sherry Davis
  • Doug Cox
  • Julia McGlown
  • Tim Samples
  • Michael Sartin
  • John Rosal
  • Scott Alexander
  • Walt Mather
  • Michael Thompson
  • Everett Pierson
  • Rick Mahnken
  • Eric Scott
  • Guy Kilchrist
  • David Leavesley
  • Walter Mahone
  • Regina St. George
  • Whitney Simmons
  • Roland Bowen
  • Adrian Davis
  • Alexander Johnson
  • Jeff Moore
  • Sandra Sartin
  • Dave Waldrop
  • Chris Jordan
  • Alex Brown
  • Jason Barber
  • Rolf Meintjes
  • Samuel Tolbert, Jr.
  • John Mah
  • Nancy ANDERSON
  • Marvin Mitchell
  • Danny Havard
  • Daniel Nicholas
  • Jeff Hopson
  • Emory Brown
  • Thayne Sparke
  • Gary Henry
  • Barry Foster
  • Louis Joseph
  • Jon Matthews
  • Orpheus Heyward
  • Mickey Robbins
  • Shyi-Tai Jan
  • Micah Meek
  • Roy Burket
  • Horace Nicolds
  • Ed Foster
  • Robert Phillips
  • Gary Gladfelter
  • Donald Gregory
  • Kevin Massey
  • Russ King
  • Steve Short
  • Catherine Martin
  • Preston Gilliam
  • William Matson
  • Freddie Castle
  • Roosevelt White
  • Annette Reeder
  • Michael Goulding
  • Javier Lopez
  • Tom Klose
  • Marilyn Stull
  • Cynthia Bartel
  • Mark Day
  • Holden Meyers
  • Larry Cline
  • Joel Traylor II
  • Richard Chaffin
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Camp Logos: Atlanta, GA 2018 Online Viewing$100.00Learn the Logos Bible Software essentials for inductive Bible study. No prior training is necessary, but we strongly suggest you watch the QuickStart videos available in your software. You will view the training through a live-stream. You will be sent an access code to view the training several days before the event. *Morris also encourages you to purchase a corresponding print syllabus ($15.00 and $5 shipping) so you can easily follow along with the class. This will be shipped in advance of the webinar.

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Camp Logos: Atlanta, GA 2018$299.00In person learn the Logos Bible Software essentials for inductive Bible study. No prior training is necessary, but we strongly suggest you watch the QuickStart videos available in your software.

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