Camp Combo

For years we’ve presented Camp Logos 1 and Camp Logos 2 separately around the globe. And in recent years Logos users have increasingly requested them to be conducted back to back. I (Morris) have graciously acknowledged the requests, but inwardly thought that will never happen. After all, the body and brain can only bear so much software instruction in a concentrated period.

A short while ago, however, I gave into the pressure and taught Camp 1 and 2 consecutively over three days in Kansas City. The response was tremendous! I enjoyed teaching and the participants gave very encouraging feedback.

In light of this response we’ve scheduled several more Camp Combos.

The 3-day schedule is:

  • 8-12 Camp 1
  • 12-1 Lunch
  • 1-5 Camp 2

You may be wondering how we can cover Camp 2 material before Camp 1 is complete, since Camp 2 builds on Camp 1.

Some of the Camp 2 subjects (such as, Louw-Nida numbers, Morphology, Syntax, and Visual Filters) are independent of Camp 1, so we cover these first. By the time we get to Camp 2 topics that are dependent on Camp 1, we’ve already discussed them.

I was pleasantly surprised how easily the schedule flowed and how well the participants grasped the material.

If you’ve been looking for Camp 1 and 2 close together, I encourage you to register for a Camp Combo. You can still just attend a Camp 1 or 2 in these cities, but as we say in the south, go whole hog and attend the Combo!

In addition, the Camp Combo is offered at the discounted price of $400. That means you save $50 when you register for both!

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