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Add the Same Note to Different Verses

Last week’s blog focused on Notes and we’ll continue that theme this week. Sometimes as we’re studying the Bible, the insights we gain for one passage apply equally to another. For example, as we study the results of Spirit fullness in Ephesians 5:18-22 we realize they’re basically the results of the word dwelling in us […]

Move a Note from One File to Another

If you’ve been to Camp Logos, you know I’m a big cheerleader for saving our research in Notes documents. I believe this is a convenient and secure way to archive our insights into Scripture. In light of that, I was thrilled to receive the following question from a fellow Logos user: A few months ago […]

Quickly Find Eating of Meals in the New Testament

A fellow Logos user recently posted the following question on a Logos blog: Is there a way to find every time there is eating / a meal in the New Testament?  I think there is a lot of activity that goes on around a table or just eating. With the Bible Sense Lexicon the answer […]

Finding One-Hit Wonders in the Bible

Recently a Logos blog appeared showing how to research a hapax legomenon in the Bible. This Greek phrase literally means “something said only once” and it refers to a word which appears only once in a literary context or an author’s works. The blog correctly points out that numerous hapax legomena occur in the New […]

Find Where Peter Addresses Jesus

A fellow Logos user recently presented me with the following scenario: Peter, of course, is traditionally labeled the outspoken apostle. He spoke to Jesus where others didn’t (at least based on what we have recorded). How can I find the verses in which Peter directly addressed Jesus? Great question! And actually Logos provides several ways […]

How to Hide Resources in Your Library

Recently, I received an e-mail from a seasoned Logos user who presented the following scenario: I’ve been with Logos for many years and amassed numerous resources. As I surveyed my Library I realized some of these resources I may not use. Is there a way to remove them from my Library? For various reasons you […]

Find Verses Where Paul Addresses a Topic

Imagine we’re studying Philippians 1:27-30, where Paul mentions he may or may not visit the saints in Philippi. A logical question to ask during our reading of the text is: Did Paul ever mention uncertainty in visiting other cities or churches? Executing a word search may not yield the answer because we can’t be certain […]

Reopen Last Closed Tab

With the recent release of Logos 7.8 you’ll discover a small, but very useful feature that numerous people have requested: reopen the last closed tab! Imagine you accidentally closed a resource, Guide, Factbook, or even a Search panel. You can now quickly and easily reopen it. As we say in the sports world, no harm, […]

Search Sermon for Venue

An itinerant Bible teacher recently told me he uses the new Sermon editor for his messages. He enjoys the power of creating his outline and handout in the same document, as well as, the security of backing up and synchronizing his files to various devices. As an itinerant, however, he preaches the same sermon more […]

Study Notable People from Church History with the Factbook

I hope during your use of Logos Bible Software you’ve discovered the incredible ease and power of the Factbook! This tool is part Bible dictionary, search engine, timeline, and more, all rolled into one. With it you can study: Biblical People Biblical Places Biblical Things Biblical Events Preaching Themes Cultural Concepts Books of the Bible […]