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Open One Guide Section at a Time

At the heart and core of Logos Bible Software reside the Bible Study Guides. Through their numerous sections, these personal research assistants provide a lot of “instant data” about passages, words, themes, and topics. Sometimes, however, we don’t need a lot of data. We just want a little data. Logos 8 has us covered, because […]

Move Multiple Notes to a Different Notebook

Questions regarding the new Logos 8 Notes tool continue to come in so I’ll use this weekly training blog to address some of them. Here’s a recent question: My Logos 7 Notes documents imported into Logos 8 as Notebooks. Is there a way to consolidate multiple Notebooks? In other words, can we simultaneously move multiple […]

Create and Search an Illustrations Notebook

Arguably the most significant new Logos 8 feature is the Notes tool. I certainly have received more questions about it than any other feature. Once you understand how to save and retrieve notes you’ll develop your own organizing scheme. For now however, allow me to jump start your Notes‘ creativity I’ll show how easy it […]

Theology Guide in Logos 8

As I’ve talked to Christians throughout the years, I’ve often heard statements like: Theology is just for pastors. I’d like to study different doctrines in the Bible, but I don’t know where to start. Understanding doctrine is difficult. If you’ve ever expressed such sentiments, I’ve got great news for you. In Logos 8 we have […]

Important Words in Logos 8

As you well know, words are the building blocks of Scripture. If we’re going to study or exegete a passage we have to examine words. Perhaps in an ideal world we would thoroughly explore every word in the text. If, however, we’re only going to dig deep on some words, the question becomes, which ones?. […]

Library Sidebar in Logos 8

As you begin working with Logos 8, you’ll discover many panels now contain a sidebar populated with filters or facets to help us locate pertinent information in that panel. Arguably the most helpful new sidebar is the one that resides in the Library. With its facets, we can now locate resources without having to know […]

Easily Convert Measurements in a Passage

Beginning in Genesis 6:14 God tells Noah to build a boat according to exact specifications: 300 cubits X 50 cubits X 30 cubits. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t normally speaks in terms of cubits today. I understand feet and yards, but cubits are another story. This isn’t an isolated occurrence because unfamiliar […]

Important Passages in Logos 8

Usually when we’re studying a passage we like to explore cross references related to that passage. For example, imagine we’re camped out in Luke 4:1 which states Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit, led by the Holy Spirit, and tempted by the devil. During our research we may want to read other passages about […]

Explanations of Datasets

The makers of our Logos Bible Software have labeled all sorts of information in the Bible. Each group of tags or labels is called a dataset. Recently I’ve received several questions about explanations for specific datasets: What does this label mean? How do I search a dataset? Which resources were used in developing this dataset? […]

Quickly Arrange the Desktop

Sometimes an easy-to-use helpful feature gets over looked. For example, here’s  a non-Logos, simple trick I learned recently from my elderly mother. I was trying to tear a piece of aluminum foil, but the entire roll kept following out of the box. Upon seeing my frustration, my mom pointed out, “Why don’t you push in […]