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Passage List Reference Filter

The saying “good things come in small packages” is certainly true of today’s Logos 7 feature. This small enhancement is so subtle you’re apt to miss it, but it delivers a powerful, practical punch. To set this up imagine these Bible study scenarios: You’re in a small group with a study guide and you have […]

Discover Names of God

People’s names in Scripture are not merely labels to distinguish them from other people, but many times are expressions of their character. For example, Abram received the name Abraham because he was the father of many nations (Genesis 17:5) Joseph was nicknamed Barnabas because he was an encourager (Acts 4:36)  Likewise, the names of God […]

Sermon Editor

The NEW Logos 7 feature that’s perhaps creating the most interest and generating the most questions is the Sermon Editor. Information about it is already available through an introductory video and blog. Now in this blog I’d like to continue the discussion about this very practical tool. While it’s certainly outside the scope of this […]

The NEW Logos 7 Concordance!

Most Christians who are somewhat dedicated to studying the Bible have at least 3 books in their personal, print libraries: Bible Study Bible Concordance In this blog I want to focus on that third book. A traditional print concordance lists every time an English word appears in a specific version of the Bible. When I […]

Automatically Highlight Across Bibles

I’ve had the privilege of teaching Camp Logos training seminars for many years now. Since the Highlighting feature appeared on the scene awhile back here’s a very common question at Camp: I want to highlight the text in one Bible and have those highlights show up in other Bibles. Well, I have great news for […]

Identify Repeated Words in a Passage

Traditionally, Bible study consists of three phases: observation, interpretation, and application. During observation we’re encouraged to read the biblical text numerous times asking the journalistic questions of Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Also, during this initial step of Bible study we’re supposed to identify any repeated words which may indicate an emphasis or theme. […]

How to Hit the Ground Running in Logos 7

If you’re like most Logos Bible Software users, your first introduction to this powerful tool is the Home Page with its Passage/Topic box. By entering a biblical reference or subject in the box and clicking GO you can launch in-depth Bible study. Also, if you’ve been to Camp Logos or watched the QuickStart videos you’ve […]

Logos 7 is Here!

Logos 7 is here! And it is bigger and better than ever! Faithlife leadership has asked me to write several blogs about my favorite Logos 7 features so be on the lookout at for a lot of instruction about Logos 7. For now I’ll mention a new section that’s been added to the Passage […]

Link a Bible to Bible Word Study

As you’ve probably heard, Logos 7 is here! And it’s packed full of new features and tools! I’m honored that the folks at Faithlife have asked me to blog about my favorite 7 new features in Logos 7. With all the great new enhancements, picking out my top 7 is no easy task, but I’ll […]

Identifying Idioms In the ESV

A Logos user recently contacted me with this question: The ESV is my preferred Bible and I enjoy using the interlinear pane that displays at the bottom of the Bible. I recently noticed italicized English text for some of the words. In the KJV italicized text indicated inserted words in English that weren’t in the […]