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Tips for Reading Logos Resources

Even though we’re well into the digital and e-book age, I often still hear Logos users comment they prefer reading from print volumes when covering a large number of pages. I certainly can identity. There’s just something about the feel of the printed page. I have discovered, however, I can quickly and effectively cover a […]

That’s Easy for You to Say

A short while ago I blogged about a couple of ways to hear Bible names pronounced. Then recently while working with the leadership at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN, my good friend Dr. Michael Easley reminded me of the resource That’s Easy for You to Say which also helps with pronunciation. So here’s an […]

Find Greek Words in the LXX

This week’s blog is centered on the following question I received from a Logos user: I’m hoping you can help me with a frequent task: finding which Greek words (LXX) are used to translate a particular word in the Hebrew text. I’d like to know, for example, what Greek words the scholars chose to use […]

Create Shortcuts for Highlighting Styles

A Logos user emailed me the following question: Is there any way to set up the highlighting feature of Logos to be part of the right click options in order to quickly be able to highlight key phrases while reading the Bible or other books without having to go “dig out” the highlighter function? Since […]

Search for Journal Articles by the Same Author

A fellow Logos user recently emailed me an excellent question: As I was reading a chapter in Walter Kaiser’s “Classical Evangelical Essays in Old Testament Interpretation”, one of the author’s (William Henry Green) made the comment that his essay was a further development on an earlier essay.  If someone has a number of the theological […]

Add Study Bibles to a Custom Guide

A Logos user recently emailed the following scenario to me: I use several study Bibles in my biblical research. What’s the best way to add them as a group to a custom Guide? Excellent question! And below are the steps to accomplish what he wants. First, create a Collection of study Bibles: Choose Tools | […]

Close All Open Panels at Once

Logos Bible Software 7.5 recently released and it contains a small, but powerful, new icon that’s easy to miss unless you’re looking for it. In the upper right of the program, between the Layouts menu and the Help icon, you’ll now see an X icon which executes the command Close All. (A) When clicked, this […]

Hear the Greek Text Read Aloud

In a recent blog I wrote about the pronunciation of biblical names. In response, someone asked this question: Where in Logos can one hear how Greek words are pronounced? So just in case you didn’t know, I’ll show you where to go to hear various Greek texts read aloud by Faithlife’s own Dr. John Schwandt, […]

Phrase Searching in Hebrew and Greek

A fellow Logos user recently emailed me this question: I wonder if you can advise me how to search for the phrase “the promise” (found in Acts 1:4 ESV) in both the original languages (Hebrew & Greek). This is an excellent question which I’ll answer from the standpoint of an English student, not primarily using […]

Gather Message Material in Clippings

Recently in the gym, I watched a trainer utilize a weight machine in an unorthodox fashion to focus on one small muscle. Then, I overheard him tell his client, I like to use this machine in an unconventional way so it does what I need. That’s the sentiment in this week’s blog. In Logos Bible […]