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Easily Restore a Deleted Document

Housed on the Docs menu are various types of files we can create in Logos such as: Prayer List, Passage List, Word List, Reading Plan, and more. Once created, to delete one of these files we simply return to the Docs menu, right click on its name, and select Delete. For the purpose of this […]

“Save” Bible Browser Results

If you read this blog regularly you may know that I am a huge fan of the Bible Browser! This feature, found on the Tools menu, houses a sidebar loaded with point and click filters allowing us to find most any information in the Bible imaginable: Commands of Jesus about faith Miracles of Elijah involving […]

Quickly See One Passage in Many Bibles

A Logos user recently asked this question: Is there’s a way to see one passage from multiple Bibles at the same time? Actually there are several ways to accomplish this task, but I’ll focus on Power Lookup in this blog: Open a Bible to the passage you’re studying such as Deuteronomy 32.8-9 (A) Select (highlight) […]

Lexicon Outline Formatting

Digital resources offer many advantages over their print counterparts: portability, accessibility, exportability to name a few. Another rather obvious plus is, electronic resources use no paper! With print books publishers have to concern themselves with page count. Thus, in attempt to conserve space, information may be crammed on a page making the reading more challenging. […]

Rename a Workflow Notebook

Hopefully you’ve already seen two of the most exciting new Logos 8 features: Workflows and Notes. Workflows walk you through a Bible study task allowing you to record your insights along the way. Your recorded observations are then housed as Notes in a Notebook Logos automatically creates for you. The name of the Notebook, based […]

Easily Locate Maps Related to a Passage

Knowing the geographical context of a passage certainly aids in our understanding of that passage. To assist with the discovery of that context Logos provides us with the Atlas loaded with dozens of biblical maps. There are numerous ways to access and use this tool, but today’s blog focuses on a power user trick causing […]

See All Factbook Subjects in a Passage

One of our best friends in Logos is the Factbook. With it we can research people, places, things, events, and a lot more. Perhaps as we’re studying a passage we open the Factbook alongside of our Bible and type subjects from the passage into the Factbook. For example, imaging we’re examining the conversion of Lydia […]

Read Just the Highlights in a Resource

I recently received this question from a fellow Logos user: How do you read just the passages in a book that you have highlighted. I like to review my highlights but cannot find that option in Logos 8? This is a great question. And once I point out how to now accomplish this task in […]

Use Notes to Access Church Documents

Of all of the new Logos 8 features, I’m continuing to get more questions about Notes than any other. Regardless of the specific question, the key to understanding Logos 8 Notes is that it’s a single database rather than multiple files. Once that big picture sinks in, the sky is the limit. Because we can […]

Search Templates in Logos 8

As you well know, our Logos Bibles and books contain a lot of information. Fortunately our software also comes with a powerful search engine allowing us to retrieve most any data we need. With the release of Logos 8, searching became easier with the addition of search templates! For example, let’s say we want to […]