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Exploring Lemmas with the Same Root

A Logos user recently presented this question to me: I’ve noticed Logos includes the root words for Greek lemmas in English Bibles with the reverse interlinear. How might these root words be used in actual Bible study? Excellent question! While this blog will certainly not exhaust all that could be said, hopefully a few insights […]

Reorder Books in a Collection

In a recent blog about displaying a verse from all Bibles, I suggested creating a collection of English Bibles. This suggestion in turn generated some discussion about the order of books in a collection. If you’ve created a collection from the Tools menu, you’ve noticed that Logos alphabetizes the resources in a collection. To illustrate […]

Locate Words and Phrases in Proximity to One Another

In addition to coaching people in the use of Logos Bible Software, one of my greatest joys is encouraging biblical communicators toward true expository preaching. Exposing the original intent of a Scriptural passage along with contemporary application is a powerful combination! Toward that end, a Logos user recently asked me how he could search his […]

Cross References for Topics

One of the most popular types of Bible study enjoyed by many Christians is cross reference work. Toward that end, most English Bibles provide some cross references right inline with the biblical text. If, you enjoy this method of Bible investigation, you may find those imbedded cross references limited. So if you’d like to look […]

Display a Verse from All Bibles

Recently I was reading Revelation 3.20 in the ESV where Jesus says: Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. I noticed being used is the phrase in to rather than the […]

Record Your Answers in Logos Resources

Have you noticed that much of our learning takes places through a question and answer model? When I became a Christian disciple in college, my pastor began mentoring me with the Design for Discipleship series from The Navigators. Using study guides filled with questions, I would read the Scripture and then record my answers in […]

See Synonyms in Bible Word Study

A Logos user recently presented me with this scenario: As I was reading Luke 4:5 where Satan showed Jesus the kingdoms of the world, I was a little surprised to notice the Greek word for world was not “kosmos”, the word normally used for “world” in the New Testament. Is there a quick way to […]

Use Exegetical Guide Verse by Verse

The Exegetical Guide houses one of my favorite Logos features, the Word by Word section, which analyzes each Hebrew or Greek word in a passage. Among the wealth of information found here is the manuscript and lemma forms of words, morphological and syntactical data, links to lexicons, and the meaning of the original words as […]

Use Proximity Search for a Phrase Search

A Logos user recently emailed me stating he was studying Ephesians 2:4 and came across the phrase but God. He inquired about finding similarities to that phrase even though it may not be that exact English phrase, but God. There are several ways to go about this, but here is fairly simple method that yields […]

Combine Clause, Passage List and LN Numbers for a Unique Search

A Logos user recently emailed me this question: Is there any way to use Logos 5 to locate every place where Jesus talks about sin? I know I can simply search Jesus AND sin and that will get me some (21) hits, but I am sure there are allusions and alternate words (for sin) that would not be included […]