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Study a Topic with the Bible Sense Lexicon

As the celebration of our Lord’s birth approaches, let’s imagine we want to execute a topical study on angels, who appeared frequently during the early pages of the Gospels. A significant part of this topical study can originate with a NEW Logos 6 Senses ring found in Bible Word Study. (Please note, not all Logos […]


One of the most popular websites on the Internet is Wikipedia, which is a free, user-edited online encyclopedia. This storehouse of information continues to grow in popularity and accuracy. If you’re like I am you’re constantly checking it for quick facts about almost any subject under the sun, even while studying the Bible. The developers […]

Passage Links in Guides

Looking up biblical cross references in print books is tedious and time consuming – turning page after page after page. With Logos, cross reference work has always been a breeze. Click a link, a the preferred Bible looks up the verse. Well, in Logos 6 cross reference work just got “breezier!” Scattered throughout various Guides […]


Just like the CIA publishes The World Factbook with facts and figures about the countries of the world, Logos 6 presents the Factbook (replacing Bible Facts in Logos 5) which produces reports about Biblical People, Places, Things and Events as well as a host of other subjects. In addition to being opened from numerous hyperlinks […]

Weights and Measures Converter

Sometimes biblical passages refer to measurements we just don’t use much, if ever, today. For example, in Genesis 6:15 the Lord instructed Noah to make the ark 300 cubits long. I don’t know about you but I don’t ever refer to cubits in my normal conversations. So how long was the ark to be? The […]

Bible Text Only

Have you ever been reading a print Bible and thought to yourself, it sure would be nice to temporarily: Hide the chapter and verse numbers Arrange the text in list form rather than paragraph form Remove the red letters You can do all of that and more in Logos 6 with a Visual Filter called […]

Logos 6 is here! Inline Searching

Logos 6 is here! That’s right, a new version of Logos just released and it’s loaded with new features and enhancements. Please don’t panic though. What you know about Logos 5 continues with you to Logos 6, but you’ll be impressed with the new functionality of Logos 6. For example, you can now execute searches […]

Attach Notes to Headwords

Last week’s blog about adding notes to verses generated some questions and comments, so I’m following up with a similar discussion about adding notes to headwords. I’ll introduce the subject with a personal story. I remember years ago when I first started studying Scripture, every topic was brand new to me. As I studied passages, […]

Attach Notes to Verses

I recently received a question that I answer frequently so I want to address it again. The question from the Logos user was basically this: My understanding is when I create a note for a verse, the note indicator is to appear next to that verse in all of my Bibles. However, I’m only seeing […]

Ellipsis in the Reverse Interlinear

A friend and fellow Logos user recently emailed me the following scenario in which he basically said: I came to John 1:34 in my study of the subject of election. As I looked at the verse in the NASB reverse interlinear, I noticed a dot (bullet) between the words “the” and “son”. What does that […]