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One of the most popular websites on the Internet is Wikipedia, which is a free, user-edited online encyclopedia. This storehouse of information continues to grow in popularity and accuracy. If you’re like I am you’re constantly checking it for quick facts about almost any subject under the sun, even while studying the Bible. The developers […]

Passage Links in Guides

Looking up biblical cross references in print books is tedious and time consuming – turning page after page after page. With Logos, cross reference work has always been a breeze. Click a link, a the preferred Bible looks up the verse. Well, in Logos 6 cross reference work just got “breezier!” Scattered throughout various Guides […]


Just like the CIA publishes The World Factbook with facts and figures about the countries of the world, Logos 6 presents the Factbook (replacing Bible Facts in Logos 5) which produces reports about Biblical People, Places, Things and Events as well as a host of other subjects. In addition to being opened from numerous hyperlinks […]

Weights and Measures Converter

Sometimes biblical passages refer to measurements we just don’t use much, if ever, today. For example, in Genesis 6:15 the Lord instructed Noah to make the ark 300 cubits long. I don’t know about you but I don’t ever refer to cubits in my normal conversations. So how long was the ark to be? The […]

Bible Text Only

Have you ever been reading a print Bible and thought to yourself, it sure would be nice to temporarily: Hide the chapter and verse numbers Arrange the text in list form rather than paragraph form Remove the red letters You can do all of that and more in Logos 6 with a Visual Filter called […]

Logos 6 is here! Inline Searching

Logos 6 is here! That’s right, a new version of Logos just released and it’s loaded with new features and enhancements. Please don’t panic though. What you know about Logos 5 continues with you to Logos 6, but you’ll be impressed with the new functionality of Logos 6. For example, you can now execute searches […]

Attach Notes to Headwords

Last week’s blog about adding notes to verses generated some questions and comments, so I’m following up with a similar discussion about adding notes to headwords. I’ll introduce the subject with a personal story. I remember years ago when I first started studying Scripture, every topic was brand new to me. As I studied passages, […]

Attach Notes to Verses

I recently received a question that I answer frequently so I want to address it again. The question from the Logos user was basically this: My understanding is when I create a note for a verse, the note indicator is to appear next to that verse in all of my Bibles. However, I’m only seeing […]

Ellipsis in the Reverse Interlinear

A friend and fellow Logos user recently emailed me the following scenario in which he basically said: I came to John 1:34 in my study of the subject of election. As I looked at the verse in the NASB reverse interlinear, I noticed a dot (bullet) between the words “the” and “son”. What does that […]

Exploring Lemmas with the Same Root

A Logos user recently presented this question to me: I’ve noticed Logos includes the root words for Greek lemmas in English Bibles with the reverse interlinear. How might these root words be used in actual Bible study? Excellent question! While this blog will certainly not exhaust all that could be said, hopefully a few insights […]