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Instantly Create Professional Slides

Years ago in a Christian education class in college my professor commented, If overhead projectors were available during the time of Christ, he would have used one. His point being, Jesus incorporated visuals in His teaching. Think about just a few examples: Consider the lilies of the field -Matthew 6:28 Show me a denarius. Whose […]

Locate Verses for a Character Study

A character study is a very rewarding type of Bible study. A character study is finding all mentions of a person in the Bible and then examining the characteristics of his or her life. The challenge to this method of research is locating all biblical references to a person! That challenge just got easier with […]

Search the Atlas

Knowing the geographical context in which a biblical event took place can certainly aid our interpretation. For example: What’s the significance of the phrase he had to pass through Samaria in John 4:6? Does the location of Laodicea impact Jesus’ description of the church as lukewarm in Revelation 3:16? To assist us in discovering the […]

Find New Testament Quotes from Old Testament Prophets

New Testament writers frequently quote Old Testament prophets without explicitly referencing them by name. Who said that? may, therefore, be a common question we ask in our Bible study. You’ll be happy to know Logos tags speakers throughout Scripture so we can readily identify them as well as locate other verses in which they were […]

See and Read Only Highlighted Text

If you’re like I am, while reading a print book, you like marking up important points. Likewise, for years we’ve been able to highlight text in our Logos resources. Now in Logos 6 we can go one step further. We can actually extract, view and read just those highlights we’ve made in a book! Here’s […]

Tag Your Own Resources

The Logos team has tagged the words of Scripture referring to people, places, and things. This referent dataset then allows us to locate every mention of a specific person, place, or thing regardless of the words used to reference them. For example we can locate all the places in the Bible Timothy is mentioned whether […]

Study a Topic with the Bible Sense Lexicon

As the celebration of our Lord’s birth approaches, let’s imagine we want to execute a topical study on angels, who appeared frequently during the early pages of the Gospels. A significant part of this topical study can originate with a NEW Logos 6 Senses ring found in Bible Word Study. (Please note, not all Logos […]


One of the most popular websites on the Internet is Wikipedia, which is a free, user-edited online encyclopedia. This storehouse of information continues to grow in popularity and accuracy. If you’re like I am you’re constantly checking it for quick facts about almost any subject under the sun, even while studying the Bible. The developers […]

Passage Links in Guides

Looking up biblical cross references in print books is tedious and time consuming – turning page after page after page. With Logos, cross reference work has always been a breeze. Click a link, a the preferred Bible looks up the verse. Well, in Logos 6 cross reference work just got “breezier!” Scattered throughout various Guides […]


Just like the CIA publishes The World Factbook with facts and figures about the countries of the world, Logos 6 presents the Factbook (replacing Bible Facts in Logos 5) which produces reports about Biblical People, Places, Things and Events as well as a host of other subjects. In addition to being opened from numerous hyperlinks […]