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Hide the Hash Marks in the Scrolling Area

A fellow Logos user recently sent me this inquiry: As I’m navigating through resources, I notice hash marks in the scroll bar area. What are they? Can I hide them? Officially, they’re called Auto Bookmarks and, yes, they may be hidden. Think of the Auto Bookmarks as the “dog ears” we make on pages in […]

Copy Highlighted Text to a Word Document

A very common question I’m asked is exemplified in this recent email inquiry from a Logos user: Is there a way to copy and paste the biblical text into a Word document and maintain the highlights I’ve added? Excellent question! The short answer is this: some highlights easily copy / paste while others do not. […]

See All the Places an Event is Mentioned in Scripture

Often times a biblical event is not only mentioned in its original context, but also elsewhere in Scripture. For example, the Israelites being fed with manna is recorded in Exodus 16, but John 6:31 also alludes to it. The fall of Jericho occurs in Joshua 6, but it’s also referenced in Hebrews 11:30. To thoroughly […]

Quickly Mark Up Similar Words in a Passage

A good friend recently emailed me explaining that while studying Philippians in the ESV he noticed the words persecutor in 3:6 and press in 3:12 and 3:14 were all the same Greek lemma. He then asked if there was an easy way to automatically obtain a lemma count as well as highlight the same lemmas in […]

Attach Same Note to Different Verses

As you well know, the same biblical event is perhaps mentioned in multiple places in the Bible. For example, Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane is recorded in Mathew, Mark, and Luke. Let’s imagine we’re working our way through Mark when we come to the phrase this cup in 14:36. We want to record our insights so we […]

Open Multiple Bibles on a Second Monitor

I was recently emailed this question: I study with a secondary monitor. I’d like to open on that screen a window containing several Bibles all linked together. How do I accomplish that? An excellent question with the answer utilizing several helpful Logos features. If you use multiple monitors with Logos then give the following steps […]

Study Bibles in the Passage Guide

A fellow Logos user recently presented me with this scenario: I’m a big fan of the Commentaries section in the Passage Guide. I noticed that my study Bibles are included in the section. Is there an easy way to list my study Bibles separately from the commentaries? The answer is yes! In fact, it can […]

Create Quick Collections to Improve Searching

At Camp Logos I often tell students that the challenge with Logos is not too little information, but too much information. For example, managing the results coming at us when we search all of our resources at once can be a steep hill to climb. One secret to effective searching is creating multiple Collections (user […]

Find Verses in which a Biblical Person Spoke

I’ve recently been studying the life of Hagar in Genesis 16. In verses 7-8 the angel of the Lord found her and asked her two questions: Where have you come from? Where are you going? These are two very profound questions regarding our direction in life, but we’ll save that discussion for another day. In […]

Display Parallel Passages from the Gospels

I remember years ago preparing a sermon on Jesus’ Gethsemane prayer. During my study, I discovered all four gospel writers spoke of this event. Since, at the time, I didn’t own a harmony of the gospels (a book presenting in parallel columns the same event from various gospels) here’s what I did. I started off […]