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Copy Feature in the Factbook

As I equip Logos users at Camp Logos with the powerful Factbook, a common question is: How can I copy the data from the Factbook to a word processor or Notes document within Logos? The answer just became incredibly simple with the recent release of Logos 6.4 as a new Copy feature is now available […]

Figures of Speech Used in the Bible

You’ve perhaps noticed we research e-books differently than print books: print volumes are searched one at a time whereas e-books are searched in bulk. We instruct Logos to search our commentaries or theology books or journals. With bulk searching, some books tend to get lost in the shuffle. We may overlook the value of a […]

Instant About the Author Page

As you well know, before reading a book, it’s helpful to become acquainted with its author. The more we know about the writer, the more we can place the words of the resource in the context of his/her worldview. For example, we enjoy the daily devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, but do we know […]

Look Up an Original Word from an English Bible

With all the power of Logos, sometimes we may forget Logos also does the simple things, as evidenced with a recent question from a Logos user: I know Logos does many things, but I just want to look up the Hebrew or Greek word, behind an English word in my Bible, in my favorite dictionary just […]

Shortcut to Creating a Collection

Logos 6.3 recently released so please make sure to download it if you haven’t already. Among its new features is a redesigned Library Resource Information pane which includes a link to save selected resources as a collection. This shortcut link makes quick work of creating specialty collections which is illustrated below with a Favorite Bibles […]

Open Multiple Factbook Reports at the Same Time

One of the most exciting new features in Logos 6 is the Factbook. It’s an almanac, Bible dictionary, concordance, search engine, and more all rolled into one. You can build a Factbook report for virtually any biblical subject imaginable! Also, within most Factbook articles you’ll discover links to other Factbook articles. When you click a […]

Quickly Discover an Author’s View of a Topic or Passage

If you’re like I am, as you’re studying a topic or passage you’re interested in what a specific author thinks about it. What are A.W. Tozer’s insights about worship? What does John Wesley or Charles Spurgeon say about John 3:16? To zero in on a specific author you want to create author search collections which […]

Hide Chapters and Verse Numbers

As you probably know, chapter and verse numbers were not added to the Bible until the 13th and 16th centuries, respectively. While these numbers certainly help us navigate through Scripture, sometimes they may hinder us from seeing the natural flow of the text as it was originally written. For example, Paul sent to the saints […]

Camp Logos is a Wise Investment

For over 17 years I’ve had the privilege of training users to better use Logos Bible Software through live seminars called Camp Logos. I’m often asked if it’s worth the investment of time and money to attend. As objectively as possible I’d like to answer that question. Yes, I believe Camp Logos is an investment […]

All Resources vs Everything Search

As you well know, arguably the most impressive feature in Logos is the powerful search and retrieval system. Almost instantly we can find practically anything in the Library. You may have noticed when you open the Search panel and set the search type to Basic (A), you can select from the resources to search drop […]