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Create Review Materials with Favorites

A Camp Logos alumnus recently emailed this question in reference to the Camp Logos 1 and 2 video resources: As I go through and watch your videos from Camp Logos, is there a way for me to “star” or “tag” one that is particularly interesting to me so that I will know to go back […]

Create a Spreadsheet of Your Library

A Logos user recently emailed this question to me: I recently upgraded to Collector’s edition, and am nearly finished tagging my library with My Tags.  A friend of mine also upgraded recently and wanted to know if there were a way I could export my library titles, with a mapping to their respective tags I […]

Find Current Dates for Jewish Feasts

A friend recently asked me this question: Can Logos tell me what days of the year on a modern calendar Jewish feasts are celebrated? Yes! And I think you’ll be amazed at how simple and impressive the answer is: Choose Tools | All interactive resources (A) Notice the Library opens displaying all of the Interactives […]

Locate the Women in the Bible

I recently received this question from a Logos user: I am trying to find Paul’s co-laborers who are women. Is there a way to search just for the women in Paul’s letters? Excellent question! Happily the answer is yes with the Concordance tool found in Logos Now. If you’re not familiar with Logos Now please […]

Locate the “One Another” Admonitions

At a recent Camp Logos an attendee asked me this question during a break: I’m doing a study of the “one another’s” in Paul’s letters. How can I easily find all the verses with this phrase along with the admonitions preceding them like, love, encourage, and so on? Even though there are several ways to […]

Find Verses with All Persons in the Trinity

One of my favorite books in the Bible is Ephesians which I was recently rereading and came again to the wonderful verse of 2:18 which reads in the NASB: for through Him we both have our access in one Spirit to the Father. I noticed all three persons in the trinity are mentioned: Father, Son, […]

Locate Identification with Christ Phrases

I remember years ago as a young believer hearing about the doctrine of our identification with Christ. Learning about the truth of being “in Jesus” radically changed my understanding of the Christian life. I discovered this doctrine is paramount in Paul’s writings. I also observed Paul used various phrases to describe this relationship including: in […]

Locating Jesus’ Commands

We are told, in Matthew 28:20, that part of discipleship is obeying all of Jesus’ commandments. The logical question then is, What did Jesus command? And a follow up inquiry would be How can we locate the commands of Christ in Scripture? Since the makers of Logos Bible Software have carefully tagged Scripture, we can […]

Save Time with Gestures

Tucked away inside of Logos Bible Software are all sorts of shortcuts and power user tricks, not the least of which are gestures. A gesture is a mouse movement while the right button is pressed resulting in an action on the screen. For example, you can toggle on/off a resource’s table of contents, start/stop read […]

Open Atlas for Biblical Events

When we study words and events in Scripture, we need to study them within their original context. This doesn’t just mean reading verses before and after our passage, it also means interpreting the words in light of the world in which they were written. This world includes the historical, cultural, and yes, even geographical contexts. […]