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Logos Can Help with your Christmas Message

The Christmas season is upon us. Please imagine with me we’ve been called upon to teach a class, preach a sermon, or deliver a devotion regarding the birth of Jesus. We know the subject of the message, but that’s all we’ve got. We don’t have the passage, the outline, or even the handout. We need […]


Create a Lectionary Calendar in Favorites

At a recent Camp Logos I was explaining how to use Favorites as an electronic filing cabinet and preaching calendar. A pastor from a liturgical tradition excitedly responded, I get it! I can use Favorites as my lectionary calendar to save things as I do advance preparation. He is 100% correct. Since then I’ve received several […]


Easily Convert Biblical Measurements to Modern Equivalents

Biblical authors often referred to weights, measurements, distances, etc. that certainly were understandable in their context, but are foreign today. For example in Luke 2, 12 year old Jesus is separated from His parents and verse 46 states after 3 days Joseph and Mary find Him in the temple. Why did it take so long […]