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Search for Your Own Topics

A Logos user recently contacted me with the following scenario: I’m doing a series of sermons on the subject of prayer. I’d like to devote a message on the hindrances to prayer. What’s the best way to locate information from my books about this topic? I really enjoy questions like this because it sets up […]


Personalize Your Home Page

If you’re like most Logos users, your first introduction to your software each day is the Home Page filled with lots of information encouraging Bible study through various means. After using your program for a while, however, you may desire a more customized look to this opening pane. If so, here are some practical hints […]


Oldies but Goodies

Having been a Logos user for nearly 20 years now, I sometimes forget new users are added to the Logos fellowship every day. What is old news to a veteran could be the shortcut that saves a rookie valuable time. So this blog is devoted to a few of my favorite shortcuts in hopes that […]