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Copy a Logos Document

In a recent blog I erroneously communicated we could not make copies of Logos files. I was thinking of the absence of that feature on the Documents menu, but I totally forgot about making copies at So in this blog, I’ll correct the record and show you how to copy a Logos file: Choose […]

Discover English Translations of a Hebrew Word

In his FaithlifeTV lecture series, The Unseen Realm, Dr. Mike Heiser noted that the Hebrew word elohim, most often translated God, nonetheless is translated other ways in our English Bibles. With my curiosity peeked, I wanted to discover those English translations of this Hebrew word. Even though there are several ways in Logos to accomplish this […]

Locate Examples of the Granville Sharp Rule

At a recent Camp Logos an attendee asked: What is the search query for locating examples of the Granville Sharp rule? If you’re unfamiliar with this Greek construction, I’ll show you below how to get some information about it. The good news is there is a search query for finding examples. The better news is […]