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Compare Greek Texts with the Translation Ring

At a recent Camp Logos while I was instructing about the Guide, Bible Word Study, someone asked about the Translation ring which shows how a Hebrew or Greek lemma is translated in an English Bible. The question was basically this: How can I change the Bible on which the Translation ring is based? To answer […]


Cross References in the Passage Guide

A fellow Logos user recently made the following inquiry: I thoroughly enjoy using the Passage Guide and try to take advantage of the wealth of research in each section. I am stumped, however, trying to figure out how the verses in the Cross References section are generated. Can you shed some light on this? I […]


Create Sermon Folders in Favorites

I have the privilege of coaching and mentoring young preachers in their sermon development and delivery. I always encourage them to plan and work ahead on their upcoming messages avoiding those Saturday night cramming sessions. As they conduct research for upcoming sermons, I show them how to save their work in sermon folders using the […]