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Study a Book in the Bible

I recently received this question from a Logos user: To do a passage study, we can use the Passage Guide. Is there something similar for a book study? What tools/feature should I use for effective book study? I was happy to respond that Logos has tucked away inside the Factbook a feature called Bible Book […]


Create Review Materials with Favorites

A Camp Logos alumnus recently emailed this question in reference to the Camp Logos 1 and 2 video resources: As I go through and watch your videos from Camp Logos, is there a way for me to “star” or “tag” one that is particularly interesting to me so that I will know to go back […]


Create a Spreadsheet of Your Library

A Logos user recently emailed this question to me: I recently upgraded to Collector’s edition, and am nearly finished tagging my library with My Tags.  A friend of mine also upgraded recently and wanted to know if there were a way I could export my library titles, with a mapping to their respective tags I […]