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Compare Original Language Words

I recently answered this question from a pastor and fellow Logos user: How can I do a comparison of the two primary Greek words translated “know” in the New Testament? An excellent question and here’s how I responded to him: Choose Guides | Bible Word Study Type know in the Word box (A) Press the Enter key […]


Logos Documentation

A friend recently emailed me asking for assistance with the markings in the Interactive resource, Psalms Explorer. This made me realize some Logos users may not be familiar with some helpful explanations built right into the software. So today’s blog will be simple and brief, but hopefully point you to some valuable documentation that perhaps […]


Easily Navigate through Bibles

Often times during our study we’ll find ourselves needing to quickly navigate to another spot within the book or chapter in which we’re currently located. Well, today’s very simple, yet powerful, tip will help you easily do that. For example, imagine you’re working in Psalm 119:1, but want to jump to verse 33. Here’s all […]