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Tag Your Own Resources

The Logos team has tagged the words of Scripture referring to people, places, and things. This referent dataset then allows us to locate every mention of a specific person, place, or thing regardless of the words used to reference them. For example we can locate all the places in the Bible Timothy is mentioned whether […]

Study a Topic with the Bible Sense Lexicon

As the celebration of our Lord’s birth approaches, let’s imagine we want to execute a topical study on angels, who appeared frequently during the early pages of the Gospels. A significant part of this topical study can originate with a NEW Logos 6 Senses ring found in Bible Word Study. (Please note, not all Logos […]


One of the most popular websites on the Internet is Wikipedia, which is a free, user-edited online encyclopedia. This storehouse of information continues to grow in popularity and accuracy. If you’re like I am you’re constantly checking it for quick facts about almost any subject under the sun, even while studying the Bible. The developers […]