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Find and View Relevant Online Videos

As you well know, within our Logos Bible Software we have scores of resources ready to yield valuable information related to the passage or subject we’re studying. Perhaps, however, you’re not aware that the makers of Logos have also curated online images and videos ready and willing to enhance our study! For example, let’s say […]

Locate Where Jesus Speaks a Specific Word

A Logos user contacted me with the following scenario: I’m studying Matthew 4:17 where Jesus says “the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. How can I locate other verses where Jesus is speaking about the kingdom? One answer to the question is to create an intersection search looking for verses containing a specific Greek lemma […]

Create Collections Based on Publication Date

A Logos user recently emailed me several questions related to searching journals. One of his questions in essence was this: Is there a way to create a collection of journals based on publication date so that I can focus on recent scholarship? Great question! And the answer shows the versatility of Logos and at the […]